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What is a Card Betting Handicap? Types of Card Betting Handicaps in Football

What does card betting mean? Why is the football card betting market consistently popular among bettors? If you're interested in exploring and analyzing card betting in football betting, let's delve into the details football tips statistics of this betting type.

What Does Card Betting Mean?

Football offers a variety of betting markets for players to choose from, and card betting is an intriguing type of bet. Essentially, card betting, also known as total bookings betting, involves wagering on the number of cards issued in a match. Typically, there are two types of cards in football: yellow cards and red cards.

Reputable bookmakers provide information on card betting. Players need to predict and place bets according to the corresponding odds. The English term for card betting is "Total Bookings."

This type of betting does not concern itself with the match's score, making it straightforward and not requiring detailed analysis. Many bettors are drawn to card betting because predictions are relatively easy. By observing the match's situation and understanding the characteristics of the players, one can make suitable choices for card betting.

Common Types of Card Betting in Football

In card betting, there are various types of bets beyond just predicting the total number of cards in a match. Currently, the most common types include handicap betting and over/under betting. To participate in these types of bets, you need to engage in online football betting at top reputable betting platforms.

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Betting on Card Handicaps

This type of bet is very similar to the handicap bet (HDP). However, the number of additional handicaps for the weaker team will be the number of cards they receive.

This bet offers two options: betting on the first half or betting on the entire match. The timing is based on the initial betting format. If you correctly predict the number of cards in the match, your bet will win.

In this card handicap bet, there are separate bets for red cards and yellow cards. The handicap rates will frequently change from reputable bookmakers. Participants betting on cards in a reputable betting lobby will see the odds updated 24/7.

The total card points are calculated based on the number of yellow and red cards. The bet is only generated when the main referee directly issues the card on the field.

Some people still don't understand what total card points mean. This means the cumulative points between yellow cards (1 point) and red cards (2 points).

Betting on Cards Over/Under

In reputable sports betting lobbies, this type of bet is always among the top favored bets. It is played similarly to the regular over/under bet. However, the outcome will depend on the number of yellow and red cards to determine the win or loss.

The over/under card threshold will be set by reputable bookmakers. Players must assess and predict the match, then choose a corresponding bet rate to place their money on.

If the total number of cards is greater than the over/under threshold => Betting on over will win.

If the total number of cards is less than the over/under threshold => Betting on under will win.

Depending on how each bookmaker displays it, if you participate in this bet in a betting lobby provided by a reputable bookmaker, the display of this bet information will be called the over/under card bet. Similar to other types of bets, when the over/under card bet is issued, we still have two choices: betting on the first half or the entire match.

1×2 Card Betting

Next is the 1×2 card betting. This is a form of betting based on the card score of the two teams. You predict which team will have the advantage and bet on the corresponding rate. However, this form of betting does not attract many participants. Very few betting lobbies offer 1×2 card betting.

Calculating Card Points in Football

In principle, card points are calculated based on the number of cards issued by the referee during the match. A yellow card counts as 1 point, while a red card counts as 2 points.

When the half-time ends, the card points will be calculated and compared with the bet results. If you bet on the first half, only the cards in the first 45 minutes are counted. If you bet on the whole match, the cards in the full 90 minutes are counted.

For card betting stakes, the calculation rule is: Profit = card odds rate initial bet amount. For example, if a player bets in the sports lobby with an amount of 100k and the odds rate is 0.7, the profit when winning the bet will be 100k 0.7 = 70k.

Overall, this type of bet is easy to play and suitable for beginners. However, to make accurate predictions, players need to have knowledge about the match they are watching.


Above is basic information betting tips 1x2 app on football card betting. Hopefully, this article will give you more confidence when choosing card betting. Don't forget to access the link to place your bet today.


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