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Don Tappan

Department Chair

Water Control Committee

I have been a part of the Lake Somerset community since 1975, when my parents bought our place.  My wife Rosemary and I have owned since my dad's passing in 2002.  

Our first grandchild recently visited, making four generations of Tappans to have enjoyed our lake. My dad was on the board and part of the team that accomplished the original dredging of the lake and paving of the roads in the 80's. 

Those projects were a key turning point in the quality of the lake, and led to an immediate rise in property values. I believe continued investment in our lake and community is vital to continued enjoyment of our wonderful lifestyle. 

I received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering form Michigan Technological University, and an MBA from University of Michigan. 

I am currently employed by Intel, and Previously worked for Ernst & Young and IBM in engineering and Sales roles.

I have passion for our lake, and look forward to contribution to its health and quality by serving on the board.

Water Control Information:

Fish Stocking Report

Dredging Updates:

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