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What's the significance behind Couple Promise Rings Set?

Promise rings are rings given out of love. They have the same symbolic meaning to engagement, wedding, and eternity rings. They have however, only been in use for a shorter time and are only getting more and more popular than the other kinds of rings.

History of Promise Rings

Since ancient times people have exchanged rings and presented them to their loved ones as a token of their love. Rings worn by Roman wives date back to the 2nd century BC. They were worn by brides as early as the 1st century BC, but it is hard to tell whether these rings were the precursors of engagement rings or promise rings.

The modern history of Promise Rings, as we recognize it today, started around 2000 and was influenced by American celebrities. This makes it a contemporary concept that speaks to our current times, in which customs and customs are always evolving, expanding and enhancing.

What's the purpose behind promise rings?

The meaning is actually quite simple. A promise ring is a ring that is considered to be a symbol of affection and loyalty in relationships between lovers, both for the person giving the ring as well as for the one who receives it. The promise ring signifies the next step in the relationship. Sometimes it is even an initial step towards an engagement ring. However, that doesn't have to be the case. It can instead be used as a substitute for couples who don't intend to marry and for those who believe that an engagement ring and all the associated traditions would therefore be meaningless. Some couples still desire to signify their vows.

This is how a promise ring looks.

There aren't any strict and fast rules for the design of promise rings, however it is common for them to be slightly smaller or less extravagant compared to engagement rings. They often feature a heart, a pattern of intertwining, or an infinity symbol.

Gold is the most sought-after metal. In addition to traditional yellow gold the ring made of classic white gold also looks extremely pure. Rose gold on the other hand is feminine and romantic.

Diamond rings are the most popular choice for wedding rings. As a symbol of the love of a lifetime, stability and love diamonds work well with a ring with which you wish to show an intense bond. To differentiate their ring from the classic stunning engagement ring, people typically opt for rings with a variety of smaller stones. Since modern and trendy designs are in high demand in addition to the traditional A ring with marquise-cut diamonds, for instance, could be an original choice.

We also suggest colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires, along with other colored stones like rubies, emeralds or champagne colored diamonds. A pink morganite or a tourmaline gives a promise ring an extremely gentle touch. Rings with pearls are also very popular, as they symbolize beauty and the purity of a relationship.

What finger is a promise ring put on?

It is most commonly worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If it's intended to be a pre-engagement present, it's typically placed on the right hand following the wedding. There aren't any hard and fast rules to follow as well.

When should you present a promise ring as a gift?

Depending on the relationship as well as the meaning you wish to convey with the ring, the time and how you give the ring as a present could vary. In the context of a relationship, Valentine's Day or an anniversary could be appropriate. Sometimes but a regular date is the most effective way to capture the unique significance that the promise rings hold for us. This day is considered to be a milestone in the relationship, and is memorable for the couple.

The only guideline or rule worth mentioning is to ensure that the woman who will receive the promise ring fully understands what it means. Disappointments or misunderstandings often arise when expectations differ. Both parties should be on the exact same page in their relationship. If a couple has been together over a period of time, and the woman is waiting for a marriage proposal but instead gets a promise ring on the anniversary, this is not going to make her happy.


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