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Top 13+ Ways to Predict Football Betting Accurately (Most Precise Formula in 2024)

Predicting football betting outcomes is fundamental knowledge for every bettor because accurate predictions about matches help us earn more money. I firmly believe that the prediction methods introduced here can be very helpful to you. They are verified by the most reputable experts for accuracy and wednesday football tips 

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What is Football Betting Prediction?

Football betting prediction is a method to provide accurate results about matches. From there, players know how to bet and apply suitable strategies.

Methods of Predicting Football Betting

Thanks to them, you can earn extra income outside of your main job. The football betting website will provide odds before each sports match for players to bet on. It's commonly known as bookmaker odds, and there are currently many different types of odds.

Typically, bettors mainly focus on three main odds: Asian Handicap (handicap), European (1X2), and Over/Under. Each type of odds has different prediction methods, and players need to be flexible in applying them. These odds are based on many factors surrounding the two participating teams. A team of top experts will be the ones doing this work. Of course, they are employees of the bookmakers, so they usually try to gain an advantage for their side. Therefore, bookmakers always profit in all circumstances.

So, if you want to win, you need to have a vast knowledge of football tips. This can be accumulated through practical experience and articles like this one. Many players have suffered heavy losses, even lost all their assets when betting without paying attention to football betting prediction.

13+ Most Effective Ways to Predict Football Betting in 2024

Currently, on the internet, there are countless articles guiding football betting prediction. However, their professional quality is almost zero. The more players read, the more confused and directionless they become in placing bets. Understanding that, I will summarize the most effective bookmaker prediction methods for you.

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1. Most Accurate Methods for Each Type of Odds

In the above section, I have covered the 10 most important notes when betting. So, in specific odds, how should you bet? Let's continue to follow.

1.1/ Predicting Over/Under Odds

It must be affirmed that Vietnamese bettors greatly favor the over/under style of play. This type of play is simple with only 2 options for players to choose from.

With Over, you should bet when:

  • The match is not important: Friendly matches, teams without goals.

  • There is a difference in skill level: Vietnam vs Brazil, Tây Ninh vs Barcelona.

  • Both teams play attacking football and are equally strong.

With Under, you should bet when:

  • The match decides the whole season: Finals or relegation matches.

  • Both opponents know each other too well: Brazil vs Argentina, England vs Italy.

  • Both teams play defensively and slowly.

  • The tournament is small, with low skill levels.

1.2/ Experience in Predicting Asian Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap odds are also very popular among players in Vietnam. This type of play has 2 doors placed for one of the two teams and usually has a goal handicap.

Some playing tips for Asian Handicap odds are:

  • Choose the underdog when the handicap is too large.

  • Trust the home team.

  • Play running bets in the second half with the underdog if there are no goals in the first half.

1.3/ Predicting European Odds

European odds have 3 doors placed for Home - Tie - Away. However, this type of odds does not have handicaps like the above 2 types.

The stronger team will have much lower betting odds than the weaker team. Players can take advantage of this to bet on the underdog and receive a big reward.

However, this playstyle will significantly reduce the chances of winning. If you are a safety-loving bettor, you should bet on the underdog team more.

2. Accurate Predicting Methods When Betting on the Underdog

A top-level bettor always knows how to choose the most suitable bet door for the match. Most men prefer the excitement of football matches and only bet on the favorite.

However, many matches end up with the underdog winning, and the bookmakers profit. Football is a sport full of surprises; the stronger team doesn't always win.

You should bet on the underdog in the following cases:

  • The home team handicaps 1/4 goal: This is a match between two evenly matched teams. However, the home team has the advantage, so the match may end in a draw.

  • The away team handicaps 1 1/2 goals: This is a match between two teams with very different strengths. Although they play on the opponent's field, the away team has to give up to 1.5 goals - a very high number.

  • The goal over/under is set at 3 1/2 goals: Matches with this handicap set by bookmakers are usually lively. However, scoring up to 4 goals is not easy.

3. Predicting Methods According to Betting on the Favorite

Contrary to betting on the underdog, those who prefer betting on the favorite usually love beautiful football. Strong teams always have a superior fan base.

Indeed, if they take the field with the highest determination and play to their full potential, a convincing victory is normal. You should choose to bet on the favorite in the following cases:

  • The home team handicaps 3/4 goal: The home team completely dominates all advantages in this handicap. They have a slight advantage and also play on a familiar pitch.

  • The away team handicaps 1/2 goal: The away team is assessed to be much stronger than the home team. If they play at home in this match, they may have to give up to 1 goal.

  • The goal over/under is set at 2 1/2 goals: Matches in attractive tournaments like the Premier League, La Liga, or Bundesliga. Goals scored here rarely fall below 3.

4. Formula for Predicting Running Bets

Currently, running bets are becoming more popular at all online betting sites. Players feel safer when betting if they have followed the match's progress.

The odds change constantly according to the situation on the field, so you have more choices. Players need to be patient and wait for the odds they want before starting to bet.

What could be better than watching your favorite team while earning money? Thanks to the match's progress, you can make accurate decisions to place or withdraw bets.

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5. Predicting Based on the Situation of Both Teams

The first factor that bookmakers consider when offering odds is the form of the two football teams. In addition, they also analyze the history of clashes, the lineup, playing style, and internal situation.

You can also find this information in newspapers or social media. From there, analyze the winning or losing possibilities of both sides and make reasonable decisions.

Experienced football bettors are often very good at this. They hold in their hands information about which players are playing well, playing poorly, or injured.

You should trust teams that play well rather than choose based on preference. Many bettors are very stubborn when they always bet on their favorite club even though they are playing poorly.

In conclusion, predicting football betting outcomes accurately requires careful consideration of various factors. It's not just about which team you like, but also about analyzing the current


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